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Holiday Events at Lum Farm

Tree Sales Begin

Friday, Nov. 26th at 10 am

(No sales on Thanksgiving)

Tree Sale Hours:

Thursday-Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

Friday is opening day! We have Douglas, Frasiers, Nobles and Nordmans from 2-9 ft. We were able to get more trees than last year, and will be doing another mainland run for a 2nd batch, so rest easy knowing there are even more on the way! However, we do have a limited supply of extra large trees, so if that's on your list you'll want to come sooner than later.

That said -- if everyone who says they are coming first thing Friday morning actually do come, we will not be able to accommodate everyone! Please consider coming later in the weekend, or the following week. We will be doing our very best to make sure everyone gets what they need.

We have a well-trained crew ready to help you fetch a tree.

An Epic Tree Run....

Eric had quite a day last Sunday. After spending much of the day processing Turkeys for Thanksgiving dinners, he took the late boat off island and spent the night in the truck to ensure he'd make the pick-up time for trees. He sent this photo to assure us he'd made it:

He then somehow managed to fill a trailer full of animal feed AND go to Costco. We needed more photographic proof that he was in the ferry line for home...

Meanwhile, we've had a very hardworking crew of worker bees setting up lights, signage, and readying the farm for the tree-seeking masses.

Inside the Farm Stand

To be completely honest, we are really proud of how the farm stand is looking! It's been an exciting week, as some much-anticipated products made from our sheep's wool finally arrived! Folks have been asking all year, and we finally have Farm Socks back in stock! They have a huge following and are the perfect gift for all the hard-working toes in your life.

We also are very excited to have Lum Farm yarn for sale. (Yarn and socks are both $28 apiece).

The yarn will be available in our farm stand and at the Salish Sea Yarn Co. in their new location (where Enzo's used to be). And to up the yarn love yet another notch, Sydney has picked up her knitting needles again and is filling the farm stand with hats! Below, Lucy models her latest creation:

Our farmstand will have extended holiday hours, as long as the Tree Sales are happening. The goal is to be open from 10am - 5pm Thursday through Saturday. Once the tree sales are over we will return to our regular Winter hours of Thursday through Saturday, 2pm - 5:30pm.

This week has been as special as it was busy, as friends stopped by for turkeys, to help out with trees, or to buy meats and cheese in preparation for holiday dinners. We cannot fully express how honored we are to be able to offer some of the ingredients that will make this time for you and yours special. We are grateful for YOU. Happy Thanksgiving, and may this holiday season hold many a sweet spot for us all!

Thank YOU for being part

of our Farm Community!


The Lum Farm Crew


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