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Stay in Touch with Lum Farm! 

Much of what makes our farm special is the way that the community stays engaged with our chapter of the lively story that is Island Agriculture. We want you to be aware of all the ways that you can continue to keep tabs on all that's happening here at the farm. 

The very best way to keep
up-to-date with all farm happenings is to join our newsletter list.

Lum Farm Newsletters offer updates on freezer and dairy inventory, new product announcements,  event details, and seasonal anecdotes and photos. Sent once or twice a month, we often hear from subscribers that they are looked forward to and shared.

We have lots of fun on Facebook and Instagram

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Farm Blog

We periodically post stories and photos from the farm on our farm blog. We've got the story of how Lum Farm Ice Cream came into being, tales of animal escapades (and escapes), goat haikus and more!  

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