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"Can we come see the animals?" As you can imagine, we are asked this often. Through the years we've tried to strike the right balance of how to share the farm while also keeping the animals (and humans!) safe. Add to the puzzle chores and staffing, and it's a lot to manage. 

We've decided to focus on curating a Self-Guided Farm Walk, available Spring through Fall with an evolving cast of characters. (Due to staffing and bio-safety for our animals, we will not be hosting a petting zoo in which you can go into pens with animals). 

The Farm Walk is available during farmstand hours (Thurs - Sun, 12-5). Park at the Farmstand and follow the orange cones and signs. 


  • DO NOT bring dogs (even adorable ones). Please leave them in your vehicle.

  • DO NOT enter pens. Many of the critters are friendly and will visit you through the fence.

  • DO be cautious with the white netting fence. It is electric!

  • DO take lots of photos (and tag us if you post them to socials: @lumfarmllc)

  • DO stay as long as you'd like. There are a few picnic tables out and about. Or bring a camp chair and enjoy some goat t.v. 

Calm Humans = Happy Critters.

Our Farm Walk animals are very social and will come say hello to you if they feel you are safe! 

The Farm Walk is Free!! However, there are a few things you can do to help us keep the walk open to the public: 

  • Visit the farmstand! We've got goat cheese and ice cream, produce and meats. If you'd like a farm memento to remember your new friends, there are wool gifts, stickers, and Lum Farm apparel. 

  • Leave us a tip! We accept credit cards, Apple and Google Pay, Venmo, and cash!

  • If you've enjoyed your time, help spread the word! Leave a review on your favorite travel app such as Yelp or Google. 

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