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March News at Lum Farm

We had some epic days in February, and are rolling into March with big plans and lots of rambunctious babies! But first, let's look back on February with a few numbers:

  • 70 lambs born (and counting!)

  • 26 goat kids born (with about that many still to come!)

For dramatic reference we'd like to point out that 49 of those lambs and 21 of those kids arrived during the snow and ice. Add to those numbers:

  • 150+ eggs a day! (48 Egg Subscribers and lots of self servers!)

  • 20 pigs

  • 3 million chickens (at least it feels that way)

Add it all up and it equals a few very happy (and busy!) farmers.

News From the Farm Stand

Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 2pm-5:30pm

CHEESE: Yes, it's in all caps because we are THAT excited about the return of cheese production! We are just beginning to milk a few goats, and by the end of March should be offering chevre again! To tide you over, we have Tomme in stock at the farm stand.

Lamb & Goat: We are in good shape with lots of cuts, with more coming by the end of March.

Pork: We have a number of good roasts, as well as lots of sausage and chops. Sliced side pork on homemade pizza is the current Lum Farm Favorite.

Beef: We are down to a few cuts of steak, mainly Tenderloin, New York, and Cross Ribs. We've got a few arm roasts and gorgeous prime ribs. The good news is we have plenty of ground beef.

Salmon: We have a new batch of Sockeye fillets ($15/lb) and the addition of Lingcod portions ($18/lb).

Eggs: We seem to be keeping up with egg demand (thanks to the aforementioned 3 million chickens)! Eggs are available during farm stand hours, or order online.

Broilers: Our first harvest of the year will be on May 6th. If you are on the list, we'll be in touch in April. If you'd like to be on the list, let us know.

Hay: We are officially out of mulch hay for gardens. We do still have hay that works great for animal bedding and landscaping purposes. $6 per 50# bale.

Thea and Green Kate are excited to start contributing to our cheese production! Photo by Paul Weatherford

Farm Education

Since the farm seemed overrun with babies, we decided to add some human toddlers as well! We invited Island preschools over for some farm time. Kaleidoscope, Montessori and Children's House preschoolers all got in on the action. They sang "Baa Baa Black Sheep" to lambs, watched Blueberry the goat get milked (and were amazed at how warm the pail was!), met the pigs and chased chickens. The puddles were by far the highlight... good thing the farm had LOTS of those!

Sharing the farm is something that is important to us. We've been brainstorming ways to safely welcome locals and visitors. We have plans to keep a rotating cast of farm characters up near the farm stand for easy access to all. We also are working on offering farm tours (family friendly, or in depth consultations with Eric or Amy). Stay tuned for more information!

In light of these developments, Mandy is working on a beautiful new website. The site is going to be a hub of all things Lum farm, from online ordering to family recipes to scheduling visits. Online Ordering will remain the same (albeit a tad more organized). We plan to unveil it in the next week or two, so don't be surprised when you head over and things look a little different.

Big thanks to all of you who have continued to support the farm even during these cold and windy Winter months. We look forward to celebrating Spring with you!!


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