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May News at the Farm

The view of Crow Valley from Kittles Hill. The lilacs blooming there were planted by the Kittles family homesteaders.

We're looking towards the Summer months and making plans! We're down to our last pregnant goat (Polly)! The sheep are all done lambing and have been moved out to pasture. Calves are expected mid-June. Cheese-making is ramping up, and Eric is obsessively checking weather reports with haying in mind.

Farm Stand Updates:

Hours: Thurs - Sat, 2pm-5:30pm

  • Eggs: We're keeping up with demand, including self-serve! Please scroll down for some important egg updates.

  • Cheese: We are so pleased that you are as delighted as we are that Chevre is back! Feta will be in stock towards the end of May, and Tomme is also in process. Our mad scientist Crystal is working on some new cheesy items, so stay tuned!

  • Produce: Crystal and Tessa have been working hard in the garden, and we look forward to offering lots of produce this Summer. For now, we have rhubarb, rhubarb, and more rhubarb.

  • Lamb and Goat: We are well stocked with pretty much all cuts.

  • Beef: Need ground beef? That's what we've got till Fall.

  • Pork: We've got what you need, including some roasts perfect for pulled pork.

  • Fish: We have just a few lingcod portions left, and are out of Sockeye.

Just one of many batches of chicks working their way in mobile coops across the field.

Getting those Broilers

Our first run of Broilers was a rollicking success! We had enthusiastic demand, a couple of fabulous volunteers on harvest day, and a waiting list for more. We don't have it in us to increase broiler numbers, so we are limiting orders to 2 broilers per person in hopes that everyone can have a turn.

Our next Broiler run is June 3/4 and 10/11. Keep an eye out for an email on Monday, May 24 with a link to the order form. We won't be taking orders ahead of that date. If you haven't ordered broilers from us before and would like to, contact us at

We love our free-range chickens. We don't so much love when they hide their eggs, but we try to think of it as a treasure hunt.

Attention Egg Customers: This Spring we were hit with a 10% increase in Poultry feed prices, which we definitely felt, considering we go through about a ton of layer feed a month. Unfortunately, this means we need to raise the price of our eggs. Beginning June 1, self-serve eggs will be $8/dozen. Weekly egg subscribers will pay $7.50/dozen. Our chickens are fed organic layer pellets. If feed prices go back down, we will lower our egg prices to $7 again. Till then, thanks for your understanding!


A Public Service Announcement for Weekly Egg Subscribers: Please note that if you do not pick up your eggs within 48 hours of your allotted pickup time, we will donate them to the Food Bank. We are running short on fridge space as orders increase. Remember, we are happy to hold on to your eggs if you check in about schedule changes. But we are going to have to be a little more hard-nosed towards no-shows (say that 3 times fast).

Food and snuggles.... the essence of mothering.

And finally, we'd love to shout out a rousing "Welcome Back!!!!" to Martha, who is home for the summer from studying Agricultural Economics at WSU. We gave her a big hug and then gleefully added her name to the chore list. Also, we've had too many babies on the farm this month to not wish a Happy Mothers Day to all who have nurtured life - whether you've given birth or chosen to love someone as your own -- we think that pretty much covers all of us. We compiled some of our favorite moms-in-action farm photos and posted them over at our farm blog if you want a virtual mom's day hug.


That's the news from the farm for now! As always, thanks so much for being a part of it all! The Lum Farm Family


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