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The Land Bank and Coffelt Farm Preserve

Many of you have asked how you can support Lum Farm as we pursue a future on Coffelt Farm Preserve, and we believe that now is a good time to make your voice heard.

We currently hold a short term lease at Coffelt Preserve, ensuring us a spot here until December 2022. It is our intention to submit a proposal for a long term lease when the time comes. Along those lines, the Land Bank is entering its final phase in decision-making regarding Coffelt Farm, and is asking for public comment.

If you believe that Lum Farm operating on Coffelt Farm Preserve is an asset to the island community, now is a great time to say so! Please consider sending an email to the Land Bank by Dec. 13, and/or attending the public meeting via Zoom on Dec. 17.

Here are some things to consider should you choose to comment: The Land Bank has been exploring how Coffelt Farm Preserve can offer both public benefit and community benefit. Public benefit is based on enabling a positive experience for all visitors -- both locals and tourists. Community benefit would be how the farm enriches and uplifts specifically our Island community.

How does having a working farm on public land enrich YOUR island life? What's working about the farm right now? What can you imagine being a fabulous addition to what's already happening?

Dec 13 is the deadline for public comment. Email comments to: or mail comments to SJCLB, 350 Court St. #6, Friday Harbor, WA 98250. Relative links: - Coffelt's call for comments - Relevant Documents to the current planning process and Dec. 17th Public Meeting. This includes the Coffelt Farm lease rate and reserve study, CART analysis and Q&A, and an in depth interview with Amy and Eric.

- For a refresher on what Lum Farm can accomplish in a year, visit our 2020 Year in Review post.

All of us at Lum Farm work hard to create a culture of open-ness, generosity and education. We are incredibly heartened by the positive feedback we receive regarding our work here at Coffelt Preserve. Presently, it feels appropriate to direct those comments to the Land Bank as they make their decisions. With much appreciation, Eric and Amy Lum

Mandy Troxel


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