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$350 includes:

1½ hour consultation on your homestead

1 follow-up appointment via email or phone

Do you have land on Orcas Island and dreams of homesteading? Wondering if you have enough space for a flock of sheep? Not sure what is entailed in milking goats at home? Wondering if your poultry setup is safe enough?  It might be time to invite some seasoned island farmers to your space. 


Together, Amy and Eric have over 6 decades of experience farming on Orcas Island. Pasture management and haying, caretaking and butchering - they’ve pretty much done it all, and are an absolute treasure trove of homesteading knowledge. 


We specialize in livestock and poultry. There are a number of very capable gardeners and landscapers on the island who can answer your growing questions. Let us know if you’d like some recommendations.


To schedule a consultation at your homestead,

please fill out the following form:  

On-Site Consultation

Areas of Interest
Please select available days

Thank you! We will respond within 48 hours with available times and more info.

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