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Holiday Trees Sale at Lum Farm

This is the place for the most up-to-date information regarding getting a Christmas Tree into your home for the holidays!


- Do you have trees left?

Yes! In the final week of sales before Christmas we still have a few dozen trees left!

- When are you open?

Tree sales are now self serve, so stop by any time.

- How much do they cost?

In this final week of sales, we are price negotiable. We're thinking anywhere from $40-$100

- Do you have wreaths?

We are all out of wreaths. Huge thanks to Reeb Wilms for bringing us her gorgeous wreaths to sell this year. You can still try finding a wreath at Warm Valley Farm (by the ferry landing) or Olga Rising (in town).

- Where do you get the trees?

Trees are sourced from Alpine Meadows Christmas Tree Farm in Deming, WA.

Dec. 19 Update:

We're in the last week before Christmas! The weather is treacherous -- but if you're about to get snowed in without a Holiday Tree in your house, we still have a few dozen. Please stop by the farm any time this week. We're posting a cell phone number to call if no one is around, or you can grab a tree, name a price and leave check, cash or venmo.

Update Sunday 12/4

Second week of Tree Sales done! There was a lot going on this weekend, and we loved seeing everyone as they travelled from event to event.

The weather slowed everyone down a bit, and we still have a great selection of all different tree types and sizes. Sale hours officially start again on Thursday, but if you need to swing by during the week, give us a call to make an appointment. 360) 376-4454

Eric's smiling because he made the 3 o'clock ferry with a truck full of trees, and it wasn't even snowing (yet)!

Update Tuesday 11/29

We are ready for week #2 of tree sales! Eric just returned with the 2nd batch of trees, meaning that what we have now is what we're going to have through the season. Come soon for the best selection.

Tree Sale Hours: Thursday - Sunday 11 till sundown. Reeb Wilms has been making wreaths, and we will have our best selection this weekend as well.

Don't forget - Also on Saturday is the Wooly Winter Pop Up from 10-4

It's going to be a fabulous weekend! Swing on over!

Tree Crew Eric, Amy, Darryl and Pi, under the lights after a successful first day!

Update Friday, 11/25

We've just completed the first day of tree sales! Things went very smoothly - it appears we have our systems down! We never ran out of parking... though it got close. We appreciate that everyone didn't come right at 11am. It made for a steady and pleasant stream of visitors all day long.

We still have over 150 trees to choose from in all sizes!

The farmstand is open during tree sale hours, with meat, cheese, ice-cream, holiday cards and ornaments, wool products and other farm-inspired gifts.

Lum Farm will host our 3rd annual “Wooly Winter Pop Up” on December 3th from 11am - 5pm. This event features the felted ornaments of Bossy’s Feltworks, cards and other creations by our talented farm crew, sheepskins, yarn and more.

That weekend has a lot of holiday events! We recommend swinging by Lum Farm, then heading to the Solstice Mercantile at Orcas Winery, and then rounding up the day with a visit to the Winter Faire at Warm Valley Farm and Warm Valley Orchard. Cross your fingers for beautiful weather!

In light of the sweet response regarding Mandy's goat portraits on our ice cream labels, she's going to be offering holiday cards featuring the sheep in our pop up flyer and Flopsy the goat pictured above. Cards will be available in the farmstand.


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