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November News

When Mandy and Amy show up at the farm stand wearing identical outfits, right down to the mask!


NEW HOURS: THURS. - SAT., 2 PM - 5:30 PM

Beef and Pork are back in stock, in addition to plenty of goat and lamb. We have sooo many apples for you! Kings, Greenings, and some super yummy island varieties that we can't quite pin down. Per usual, Eric's amazing garlic (folks have been using them for planting too), potatoes and shallots are still available.

It's going to take a lot of cajeta to get through them apples!

Cheese-wise, we've got Tomme, Chevre and Feta, as well as the Cajeta that has been resulting in many farmstand converts/addicts. Be forewarned that we are in the final weeks of full-scale cheese and cajeta production as our milking operation is winding down for the season. The girls need a break!

Speaking of girls on breaks, our chickens are molting, so egg production is way down. However, we have 100 new hens up on the hill who are *thinking* about laying, which means *maybe* next month we'll be rich in eggs again.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: With active cases on the island again, we are upping our game in taking steps to keep us all safe. We are hoping that the additional day open will help spread customers out. Also, our meat freezers are now "employees only", with apologies to those of you that love to rummage. We are happy to work with you to find the perfect cut.

As always, masks are required, hand sanitizer is provided, and we are asking for one "pod" in the farm stand at a time. Produce is pre-bagged so you can grab and go, though we also have you-choose bulk options.

We encourage you to order online for contactless pickup at your convenience.

Like many islanders, our turkeys occasionally indulge in political debate.

The Turkeys are Coming!

You've been wondering about those turkeys, and the answer is "Yes"! These are going to be some hefty turkeys -- between 20-30 pounds. We will be selling them for $7/lb. If you are interested in a turkey dinner this season and haven't given us word yet, now is the time! Quantities are limited.

If a 30# turkey is a little much for this season of small gatherings, we have lots of options: leg of lamb or goat, beautiful pork and beef roasts and ribs. Visit the farm stand inventory list as soon as possible.

Gifting from the Farm

Lucy and Kari have been spending quality time making garlic braids.

Bringing a little farm love into your homes is the perfect gift for the holidays! So far, our 100% wool farm socks, dryer balls and Bossy's Feltworks ornaments have been a hit! Take note -- we will not be getting any new farm socks before the holidays, so if that's on your list, now's the time to nab them! We have them in adult sizes from Small to X-Large. To add to our offerings, we are working on getting some Lum Farm mugs in the shop.

We are also expecting another batch of sheep and goatskins to be arriving soon. These will be in a variety of colors, in additional to the super soft and fluffy white ones we have now. If you'd like to be notified when they arrive, please send Mandy a note.

Extra-exciting is the batch of all wool rugs that we expect to arrive before Christmas. We'll keep you posted.


If staying busy is one remedy for these challenging times, we're covered! We send hearty wishes for peace and health to you and yours, and continue to be grateful for your continued support!

With thanks, All of us at the Lum Farm Family


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