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Our 1st Annual Goat Baby Prediction Poll

This pile is from last year's babies

2022 got off to a rough start for Orcas Island. Here at the farm, we know that one of the surest ways out there to lift spirits are babies! In particular, Goat Babies!

Our first group of goat kids was due somewhere around Jan. 20th. Of course, we never know for sure when. This gave us an idea -- and we unveiled our first annual goat predictor game. Everyone was invited to see if they could predict WHICH goat would give birth to HOW MANY babies on WHAT date.

We tried to keep everyone updated with belly shots and a few bits of pregnant-goat trivia. We had over 150 guesses, and just one person got it right!

BBG Smooth gave birth to two healthy babies on Jan. 25th.

Orcas Island's Nancy Stillger predicted correctly, and was invited to come meet BBG and the babies and spend a little time in the goat barn. She happily agreed to the "working titles" that we had been using for the babes: Gigi (above left) and Smoosh (above right).

BBG and Nancy admire the twins.

If you made a prediction and are wondering when your goat actually did give birth, visit the original Goat Babies page. We are keeping it updated with new photos.

We also are planning on "goat baby visiting hours" at the goat barn. We are giving the babies a chance to settle in first. We'll be back with more info as to when the goats are ready to share their cuteness with the world!


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