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Woven Wool Blanket

Woven Wool Blanket


100% natural undyed Lum Farm Wool, woven on antique industrial looms at Bedfellows Blankets in Massachusetts. Blanket is 3'8" x 5'6" in size. They are avaialble in two patterns: Herringbone or Log Cabin.


These blankets are gorgeous -- and warm! They are lightweight and very cozy - the type of wool blanket that gets softer with use. A beautiful heirloom gift that will last a lifetime. 


In her own words, here is a little more of the weaving process from Peggy Hart of Bedfellows Blankets, MA:

The woolen mills of New England are gone, but a barn in rural Massachusetts has been home to Bedfellows Blankets since 1987. Old industrial looms live their second life weaving cotton and wool blankets. Each loom is a ton and a half of greasy gears, wheels, and pulleys; mechanical innovation that made complex patterns possible.


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